Noor Sports Customization Policy:

At Noor Sports, we are committed to providing high-quality customization services for football jerseys. We offer name and number printing to make your jersey truly special. To ensure a smooth customization process, please read and adhere to our customization policy:
1. Customization Service:
   - We offer name and number printing for football jerseys in the official style of respective clubs or national teams.
2. Charges:
   - The customization service is priced at 500 Pkr per jersey.
   - The payment for customization must be made in advance.
3. Payment Methods:
   - We accept advance payments through the following methods:
     - Easypaisa: 03327863939
     - Jazzcash: 03421524203
     - Silk Bank: 00422009274238
     - Meezan Bank: 64010108520724
4. Ordering Process:
   - To request customization, Text us on Whatsapp and provide the jersey(s) you wish to customize.
5. Advance Payment:
   - Ensure that the 500 (currency) customization fee is paid in advance using one of the provided payment methods.
6. Order Confirmation:
   - After payment is verified, we will confirm your customization order.
7. Customization Timeframe:
   - The customization process typically takes [mention expected timeframe], and we will notify you once your jersey is ready.
8. Quality Assurance:
   - We take pride in delivering high-quality customization. However, please note that once customization is completed, it cannot be undone or changed, so ensure the information provided is accurate.
9. Return Policy:
   - Customized jerseys are non-refundable unless there is a defect in the customization or jersey itself. In such cases, please contact our customer support for assistance.
10. Communication:
    - If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at [provide contact details].
By choosing Noor Sports for your football jersey customization, you agree to abide by these policies. We aim to provide you with the best-customized jerseys that you'll proudly wear. Thank you for choosing us as your customization destination!
Please tailor this policy to your specific needs and include any additional details or contact information as necessary.